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Looking for a travel agent but don’t have the money or time? No worries. Let me provide you with the information!

You will find complete guides/itineraries for weekly travels, how to explore cities in less than 24 hours (the pit stops), reflections on destinations, Wander Wednesdays, and travel tips!

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What is my Wander Wednesday feature? I think there are four main emotions you experience when traveling; one more than others in different parts of the world. Awe. Curiosity. Serenity. Adventure. This is a blog series if are need of being inspired or feeling a certain emotion. Each blog will place a location with an emotion theme and delve into why that particular feeling. These pieces are supposed to be short, sweet, and have the ability to transform you to another area in the world.

Travel Bloopers Series – We all know that when we travel, we run into obstacles and challenges. They can be funny, serious, little, or big, but regardless, most of the times, we look back on them with fondness and walk away having learned a little bit something. Travel online can look so glamorous and this feature is my way of bringing the reality of travel back into destination writing.

Type of Traveler I Am: I like to travel with small groups of friends or family, and I’m the type of person that likes to be cost-efficient with the occasional splurge on trips. Adventurous eater (nothing will get me to say no) and always up to try any new experience! I’m an AirBNB kind of lodger and not much of a shopper!

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