Jarcuterie with Mo

The latest COVID-friendly and cutest way to eat charcuterie!

The perfect way to entertain guests in a safe manner at parties, girls’ night, bridal/baby showers, luncheons, weddings, and more! Jarcuterie with Mo is here to provide beautiful food as the perfect snacks.

Jarcuterie Package Pricing

  • 50 Jars – $200
  • 25 Jars – $110
  • 15 Jars – $50

Serving Recommendation: one jar as one appetizer per person


  • Premium Set-Up ($50): includes set-up of jarcuterie in an elegant way before your event. Set-up includes rose gold three tiered tray, marble cake stand, wooden tray, candles, flowers and greenery, table runner, forks and spoons
  • Cracker and Bread Board

Jarcuterie Options

Coming Soon: July 4th Jarcuterie, Dog Jarcuterie, Jarcuterie and Bubbles

Classic Jarcuterie

Consists of brie, cheddar cheese, red grapes, salted almonds, strawberries, blueberries, pickles, meat

Breakfast Jarcuterie

Vanilla yogurt
Boiled egg
Mini sausage
Blueberry/chocolate chip muffin or powdered donut

Brunch Jarcuterie

Vanilla yogurt
Boiled egg
Mini Pancake

Sweet Brunch Jarcuterie

One half of the jars with pancake, maple syrup, stick of strawberries and blueberries
Other half of the jars include waffles, honey, powdered donuts

Prior Events

Baby Shower

How to Book

  1. Fill out form below and you will receive a complimentary call to discuss the event
  2. 20% deposit at time of booking with full payment due 14 days before event
  3. Day of Event: if you book a premium set-up, we will arrive 1-2 hours before vent to set-up. If you do not book a set-up, we will drop off jars at your requested time.
  4. Clean-Up: clean-up instructions and baskets will be provided. We require all leftover food to be removed from the jars but jars do not need to be cleaned before being placed into the basket provided. Other parts of the set-up including the trays and stands will need to be wiped down. We will pick-up everything at the agreed time and date and then deposit will be refunded.
  5. Payments via Venmo