Hurtado BBQ: Watching people do what they love

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I have always loved eating at food trucks. I think there’s something so unique and special about being able to get excellent food from a truck. All the magic and love that goes into the food happens in a small space and it’s a different environment from a restaurant. I had the pleasure of trying out a barbecue food truck that has been getting some great reviews!

Brandon is the man behind Hurtado. He states that he always had a passion for cooking but his love for barbecue didn’t get serious until last year. Hurrtado started off as pop-up events at breweries where his food would sell out. Because of that success, he decided to go with a larger smoker and a food truck. Pretty soon, they will be opening a restaurant this upcoming November!

What I applaud the most about Hurtado is changing up the meat menu! Usually, it’s pretty much the same meats at every barbecue restaurant but Hurtado is bringing quail to the game and it’s delicious!

Future things to look for? The new restaurant in November! They will be serving smoked s’mores for dessert and BBQ-inspired brunch on Sundays with dishes such as brisket migas and pulled pork huevos rancheros!
His favorite menu item? Smoked quail and spare ribs
His little thing? When he opens his wallet to buy coffee in the morning and sees a stick note his girlfriend had left him – telling him how proud she is. Aw!

The Little Things of Hurtado BBQ

Seeing a small business become successful
Food trucks
Beautiful weather for eating outside
Watching people do what they love


  • El Jefe Platter: This amazing spread definitely contains enough food for 3-4 people! It contains 1 smoked quail, 1/4lb brisket, spare ribs, pork belly burnt ends, and sausage. All for $25! All the meats were good but my favorite was definitely the smoked quail. It’s such a unique BBQ meat dish I haven’t seen at other places and it’s definitely something you can’t miss! 4/5
  • Chili Mac: I love myself a good side dish of mac n cheese with BBQ and this hit the spot with it’s cross in texture of the mac n cheese and what I believe was something like hot cheetohs sprinkled above it. The flavor was a tad bit blend but still a decent side! 3.5/5
  • Serrano Coleslaw: When I first dug into this dish, I totally forgot that the first word was serrano and the spice really hit me! I’m usually a weakling for spice but my mom is a champ and she definitely thought the side was decently spicy. I’ve never had spicy coleslaw before but I think I like the twist! Definitely something to try! 4/5


  • Meats (prime beef ribs, prime brisket, pork spare ribs, pork belly burnt ends, smoked Texas quail, house sausage
  • El Jefe Platter (described above)
  • Sides – chili mac, spicy charro beans, serrano coleslaw, smoked elotes
  • Dessert – house cupcakes
  • If you want beer, there’s a brewery (Division Brewing) next door!
  • REMEMBER – they open on Saturday at 11AM and if you want the best meats and choices – get there early because they close when they sell out and they sell out fast!
  • TIP: You can pre-order ahead of time on their website and pick up your food by 10:30AM! Do so on their  website!


  • The quail again with the smoked elotes!

PARKING: Small parking lot to the side with street parking

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Happy eating!

Hurtado BBQ
506 E Main St
Suite B
Arlington, TX 76010


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