Ida Claire || When your food arrives earlier than you thought it would



  • Low Country Breakfast: Contains the bone in ham steak with sunny side up egg, biscuits, black pepper gravy, skillet potatoes, and seasonal fruit. A super hearty breakfast! 4/5
  • Waffle Benedicts: A spin off of the eggs benedict with waffles and topped with braised short rib, spinach, hollandaise, and sunny side up eggs. I love when a restaurant can pull off a unique eggs benedict. 4/5
  • Nashville Hot Chicken: Spicy crisp chicken breasts with pimento cheese on toast with cucumbers and onions. Not overly spicy so definitely wouldn’t meet the standard of the famous Nashville hot chicken, but still a great, tasty dish. 4/5
  • Shrimp & Grits: This is the best shrimp & grits dish I’ve had in Dallas. It rivals Haywire (which I remember the waiter at Haywire telling me their shrimp & grits is a play off of Ida Claire). It contains Texas prawns, bacon, gristmill parmesan grits, and sauce piquant. 5/5 [MO APPROVED DISH]
  • Bottle of Bubbles: A great way to do brunch and split mimosas with friends! This was also a perfect way for me to introduce the concept of mimosa to my mom haha! It’s $20 and it comes with a bottle of bubbles with two juices of your choosing. You can choose from orange, pineapple, grapefruit, and cranberry
  • My recommendations: All of the above


  • Brunch, lunch, and dinner
  • Happy Hour: M-F 3-6PM & 9-11PM. $5 bar bites and discounts off of drinks including cocktails


  • Coming back again for lunch/dinner/happy hour!
  • Also wanting to come back and rent out the airstream to dine in!

PARKING: Parking lot


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