Little Things: 326 – 330 [Hammond’s Gourmet Ice Cream]


Story Behind Featured Image (#328): Hammond’s Gourmet Ice Cream – One of my San Diego food recommendations! This place is such a cute ice cream shop! Flights are all the rage now and ice cream flights are the top of the list! I honestly think flights are the best way to experience a restaurant or dessert place. Most of the times when traveling, you only get to experience the place once so a flight is the best way to sample all of the best flavors and options. Not to mention, this makes the cutest photo!

326. A huge bear hug when you are emotional stressed
327. Someone who knows when to comfort you without even asking
328. First scoop of ice cream from the tub
329. When a baby falls asleep in your arms
330. When you glance over at someone you like and he/she is already looking at you


  • You can do flights as 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and the all time ultimate of 32 – meaning you taste ALL the flavors! My friend and I went with the six cone flight. All the cones are mini so you won’t get too full too fast.
  • My favorites: Green Tea, Honey Lavender, Lychee Cream


  • Ice cream – single servings or flights
  • Floats
  • Sundaes

PARKING: Street parking


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