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Handrolls are the newest and hottest way to eat sushi nowadays! Restaurants that specialize in this are popping up in Dallas, and this place is a gem tucked away at The Hill! Hisayo and Mai are the people behind the scenes of this great new restaurant!

Hisayo and Mai were born in Japan and trained in Japanese cuisine. They continued to learn more about Japanese food as well as American cuisine by working in several restaurants in America. Their goal is to introduce cultured Japanese food at a reasonable price to people in Texas. They wanted people to see that sushi is not just an expensive meal, but it can also be a casual, comfort food! In my opinion, they have definitely accomplished this goal!

Deviating away from the typical sushi pieces at other restaurants, Sushi de Handroll introduces a different way to love sushi! I can’t wait to go back!

What is the owners’ favorite menu item? Crunchy Shrimp Tempura Roll
Their little thing? Hugging her dogs when she wakes up

The Little Things of Sushi de Handroll

Seeing your food coming in the restaurant
Unique type of restaurant
Ordering several dishes at a restaurant rather than one
Finding a good restaurant you know you’ll come back to
The first bite of food when you’re really hungry
Having your food made right in front of you


  • Hanjuku Jidori Egg: Poached free range egg with tempura sauce and microgreens. Mmm this was such a good starting dish! 5/5 || MO APPROVED DISH ||
  • Creamy Sweet Potato Sand: The name of this dish is so interesting! It’s basically cream cheese with Japanese sweet potato tempura with maple salt! 4/5
  • Gari Gari Chips: Pickled ginger with furikake flake and mayo dipping. I’m not even a fan of ginger usually and thought this was pretty decent and very unique! 4/5
  • Creamy Scallop Roll: Seared baby scallop mix with masago roe and mayo on a bed of shiso leaf. True to it’s name, definitely a creamy option! 4/5
  • Toro Roll: Fatty tuna with scallions. YUM! 5/5 || MO APPROVED DISH ||
  • Una Tama Kyu: Open face style order made broiled eel, Japanese egg omelet, fresh cucumber slice with eel sauce and sesame seeds. 4/5
  • Crunchy Shrimp Tempura: Open face style with shrimp tempura, eel sauce, sweet chili mayo, and microgreen. 4/5
  • Japanese BBQ Pork: Seared Chashu pork with eel sauce, mayo, scallions, sesame seeds.
  • Lychee Twist Martini: 4/5


  • Tempura
  • Handrolls
  • Omakase Set Menu
  • Beer/Sake/Cocktails/Wine
  • Dessert


  • More off of their handrolls!

PARKING: Parking lot at The Hill and then walk into the center to find the restaurant

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Happy eating!

Sushi de Handroll
8041 Walnut Hill Ln
Suite 820
Dallas, TX 75231


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