Little Things: 301 – 305


Story Behind Featured Image (#305):

Basic Etiquette at the Baggage Claim

  • Remember before leaving for your flight to place a unique luggage tag or small scarf around the handle so you can spot your luggage from afar at the baggage claim
  • Help those who are struggling to pull up their luggage off the belt
  • If you pick up a luggage that’s not yours, don’t toss it back haphazardly
  • Don’t crowd and push people around in the area
  • If you have a large party, send 1 or 2 people to get all the bags

301. Putting on dry clothes after swimming
302. Peeling a crawfish perfectly
303. Seeing someone use or wear a gift you gave him/her
304. Making eye contact with a person who knows what you’re thinking without saying a word
305. When you see your luggage at the baggage claim in the airport


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