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In the year of 2010, I was introduced to gelato during my travels in Italy and fell in dessert love. I remember my friends and I would eat gelato three times a day while we were traveling throughout the country. To me, this was above ice cream in so many different ways. Sadly, when my European adventures ended, I found it extremely difficult to find any shop in Texas that served gelato at the same level as in Europe.

Well, until I found Botolino.

This amazing gelato shop on Greenville brings me back to my days of buying a gelato cone in the streets of Firenze. The gelato here is absolute perfection! The flavors are of abundance, and they are always trying something new! This place is an absolute gem in Dallas, and one of the places I always recommend when someone visits.

I got the chance to speak with Carlo Gattini who told me about the origin of Botolino. His love of cooking goes all the way back to his grandmother. He was raised in a family of culinary masters, and he expresses how growing up in Tuscany and Dallas has influenced the way he makes gelato.

All I have to say is that I appreciate people like Carlo whose gelato is a prime example of absolute love and culinary mastery transformed into perfection!

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The Little Things of Botolino

Gelato on a hot day
Trying a new flavor and loving it
Places that offer seasonal or rotating flavors
Tasting samples
A perfectly scooped scoop of gelato
When there’s gelato left at the bottom of the cone

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MY FAVORITE FLAVORS: (These are my favorite, but I believe all of their flavors are delicious!)

  • Amarena
  • Marcarpone and Figs – love, love, love this one!
  • White Coffee
  • Stracciatella – I fell in love with this flavor in Italy!
  • Dallas Honey
  • Affogato – and this is definitely the place you need to check out if you are craving gelato in coffee!


  • Gelato
  • Affogato
  • Cakes
  • Gelato Parfaits


  • Trying more of their flavors!
  • Cakes
  • Gelato parfaits

PARKING: Small parking lot behind the shop

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Happy eating!


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2116 Greenville Ave
Dallas, TX 75206


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