Little Things: 291 – 295


Story Behind Featured Image (#294) / RAMBLINGS OF A RESIDENT:  The honest truth about residency is that it is very hard to stay active and healthy. This is coming from a girl who is not your typical fitness gal who loves hitting the gym so I have to constantly work at making sure I don’t fall into an area of being completely lazy. I really admire my friends who go to work-out classes or the gym regularly before or after work! But me? I enjoy a good run to de-stress but really I work out so I can eat!

BUT there is such a great feeling in finishing your first run after being deconditioned for a very long time. For me, that means going for my first run after a long month of nights and having a healthy meal afterwards.

291. Having a whole plate of your favorite fruit to yourself
292. A tub of your favorite ice cream
293. Browsing through a lively, good market and finding great deals
294. Exercise and feeling healthy
295. Excellent grades

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