The Little Things of November

What is a little thing? It’s basically things or moments or feelings that happen throughout your day that makes your day better, but you may not consciously recognize it. Example: Stepping into an air-conditioned room after being outside on a hot day.

With November turning the corner, what better way to end the month than with a list of reminders of the little things to come with this part of the year!


  1. The sound of fallen autumn leaves crunching under your feetfondue
  2. When the Starbucks winter menu is back and included at the school’s Starbucks
  3. Colored fall leaves
  4. East coast fall weather
  5. The sound of crackling firewood
  6. Colors of autumn
  7. When the weather finally feels like fall
  8. Seeing an autumn leaf come off a branch and glide to the Earth
  9. The smell of a campfire
  10. A cup of tea made perfectly right
  11. Hot chocolate on rainy or cold days
  12. The coziness of a new sweatshirt
  13. Pulling out those winter clothes for the first time, knowing the cold is coming
  14. Seeing your breath on cold days
  15. Seasonal beverages during the holidays
  16. Feeling safe and warm inside when it’s raining outside
  17. Walking into a heated building after being outside in the cold
  18. Warming up next to a fireplace
  19. Bonfires
  20. Getting into a warm car when it’s cold outside
  21. All food/drinks pumpkinLRM_EXPORT_224289641394439_20181105_215234927
  22. Carving pumpkins and seeing the final result after all the frustration
  23. Sweater weather
  24. Cold, sunny days
  25. Hot soup on a cold day
  26. Driving home for the holidays and then finally seeing your home in the distance
  27. Holiday scented Febreeze
  28. The anticipation before Thanksgiving break
  29. Harry Potter marathons
  30. When the weather gets cool enough for an outdoor run
  31. The smell of pumpkin when you bake
  32. Thanksgiving feast
  33. Thanksgiving ‘thankful for you’ texts
  34. Holiday themed meals at the cafeteria
  35. Hearing everyone say their thanks during Thanksgiving


Happy November everyone! What are your favorite little things in November?





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