Little Things: 281 – 290


Story Behind Featured Image (#290):  Anyone who lives somewhere where the summers can get sizzling hot knows that the best thing on a scorching day is a dip in the nearest body of water – whether it’s a pool, lake or ocean! Some of my best summer memories include spending my golden weekends at my friend’s lake house sipping on iced drinks and zipping around the lake on a boat

Golden Weekends: when you get Saturday and Sunday off when you’re in residency!

281. Your old schools
282. Knowledge
283. When the realm of medicine proves its worth
284. Blogs that are worth reading
285. Great TV shows
286. The first seasons of TV shows
287. Chipotle
288. Holding a baby in your arms
289. Waking up all warm and snug in bed
290. Jumping into a pool/lake on a hot day

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