Little Things: 261 – 270


Story Behind Featured Image (#268): Over eight years ago, I fell in love with gelato in the streets of Padua, Italy. From then on out, I ate gelato three times a day when I was in Europe and coming back to America, my hunt for actual gelato never stopped. It’s hard to perfect the science and taste of gelato and coming across a shop that has done it is rare. Thus, when I stumbled upon Botolino in Dallas, I knew I had come across a gem! This place constantly rotates around the flavors. My full review of this amazing gelato shop is coming soon!

261. Hot chocolate
262. Doing a medical procedure perfectly
263. Sweet iced tea
264. Taco Tuesday
265. A full pantry/fridge after grocery shopping
266. Pizza with interesting toppings
267. Chips with interesting flavors
268. Trying a new gelato or ice cream flavor
269. The accomplishment of catching a bubble
270. The feel of India ink paper

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  1. October 9, 2018 / 20:52

    As you already know, the little things are really the big things! Great list!

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