Little Things: 211 – 220


Story Behind Featured Image (#216): Photobooth photos can be truly candid or planned candid but regardless they are some of my most treasured memories and photos in my photo box. I would also like to dedicate this post to one of my most beloved friends who is such an inspiration to everyone around her! I have loved celebrating your wedding! This couple is couple goals!

211. Silence that isn’t awkward
212. Being healthy after being horribly ill
213. Dimples
214. Popping bubble wrap
215. Having breakfast for dinner
216. Candid photos
217. Hot chocolate on rainy or cold days
218. Being missed
219. The cold side of the pillow
220. When your parents talk about you with pride

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Also, I am introducing a new section to these weekly Little Thing Blogs – My 5 New Obsessions. It’s basically little things in material format. Each month, I’ll pick out five things I have found recently in my life that perks up my day!

My 5 New Monthly Obsessions

Sambazon’s Superfruit Acai Bites – These are little treats that are the perfect snack or breakfast on the go! Great for those who love acai bowls! Basically these are bite sized acai wrapped in dark chocolate. Best part? Only 50 calories! Find them at Costco!


To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before – Book turned into a Netflix movie. I caved into watching this after being told by so many people how good this movie was. On my night off with Thai takeaway, I decided to finally give this movie a chance. The beginning did not exactly draw me in but by the end, I had fallen in love with this movie and I’m deeming it now one of my feel-good-day movies. It’s the classic fake dating trope and the movie is just super cute. Now I just need to get the book.


Crazy Rich Asians – Applauds this week to the Asian American actresses and actors because this is a big week! I’m pretty sure my obsession with the movie comes from my Asian ethnicity as well, but this is definitely a movie I’m going to buy when it comes out. Also now on my feel-good-day movie list! It’s just a rom-com done so well. Now, I have to go backwards and get the book to read.


Mario Badescu Facial Sprays – I’ve been using these for about half a year and I can’t get enough of them! Furthermore, this week I found out there are more types than just the usual Rose I’ve been using! Currently on the Aloe, Cucumber, and Green Tea spray, but my favorite will always be the Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater. It’s a great thing to use if you need a pick-me-up refresher spray! I use it in the morning, after showers, and before going out! And they have travel sizes!


YALUXE Women’s Oxford Work Tote – All of us girls in residency have some sort of giant work bag to carry our stethoscope, lunch, coffee, water, medicine guides, and whatever else junk we can to of to throw in there. Thus, we need a sturdy bag and I have found one that is super cute and super adorable! After using this bag for about a few weeks, I can highly recommend it!



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