Little Things: 171 – 180


Story Behind Featured Image (#179): My parents have gone through so much to establish a life for my brother and me. The kind of struggles they went through and the horrors they faced is something I cannot imagine. The words appreciation and respect do not even begin to describe how I feel towards my parents. Thus, the little things I can do to make my parents smile (like flowers) are worth every penny!

171. The smell of just-shampoo’d hair
172. Being dismissed on the last day of school
173. Waking up and actually remembering your dream
174. Seedless grapes
175. When you finally remember the name of the song that’s been stuck in your head
176. Drinking cold water when you’re thirsty
177. Giving random acts of kindness
178. Getting the perfect parking spot
179. People who treat their parents lovingly
180. Correct grammar

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