Sassetta: Italy on Hi Line


I personally think finding really good Italian food is a hard feat. Excellent Italian food for me has to blow me away especially since I’ve been spoiled in my life with my brother’s excellent pasta cooking (his Chicken Marsala is to die for!) and the fact that I can just whip up my own spaghetti fast at home with a jar of pasta sauce and grocery store bought pasta (don’t judge me).

I will say I have yet to find an Italian restaurant  in Dallas that I can call my favorite but there are certain dishes at specific places that I have to commend. Sassetta is one of those places and the gorgeous decor and pretty drinks is why I’m recommending this restaurant!

What to Order:

  • Breakfast
    • Egg Sandwich – contains chicken sausage, egg white scramble, tomato, provolone, basil pesto on focaccia. What makes this sandwich is the tasty basil pesto and focaccia bread – mmm.
    • Frittata – with roasted mushroom, spinach, and fontina. I’ve never been a big fan of frittata but I think if you are craving one, this is a good bet for you!
    • Side of Crispy Potatoes – Potato is my favorite vegetable and when you can make it crispy like this – I’m done for.
  • Dinner
    • Lasagna al Forno – Lasagna is something I barely order since I love the one I make at home, but my friend said it was one of the best he’s ever had at a restaurant so I had to give in and try. The words ‘best’ used with any food is my downfall. And I have to applaud Sassetta because the layers of sauce and cheese is perfection!
    • Manila clams al forno – a bowl of clams soaked in Nduja (spicy pork) broth and fregula (type of pearl-like pasta). This broth is something I can just eat any day with a good piece of bread!


  • Breakfast (all week) – pastries, yogurt, bagels, avocado toast, frittata, breakfast sandwich
  • Salads
  • Small plates
  • Sandwich
  • Pizza
  • Pasta


  • Gorgeous interior that invites daylight
  • Weekday breakfast that is open early (important for me as a resident getting off night shift haha)

What I’m Looking Forward to Ordering Next

  • Potato gnocchi
  • Dry-aged beef meatballs, ricotta

Parking: Parking lot and valet

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Check them out!

1617 Hi Line Drive, Suite 395
Dallas, Texas 75207



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