Starbucks Reserve: The Apothecary


Who in this world does not know Starbucks? It’s global and it dominates the coffee industry. Now I am only a fan of a few drinks at this chain. I’m a sucker for their holiday drinks in the fall and winter, and in the summer, I pretty much stick to my Sweet Cream Cold Brew. So when these fancier Starbucks started popping up, I was instantly curious.

First of all, the interior is beautiful and the space is large. On the side, there are many different glass bottles designed for different pour overs. From afar, it kind of looks like a coffee apothecary.

Rumor has it that this is where Starbucks is testing their seasonal coffee creations and perhaps if its popular enough, they will be released into regular Starbucks’ menus!

What to Order:

  • Honey Rose Latte


  • Coffee – cappuccino, cortado, Americano, lattes, drip, French press, pour over
  • New seasonal creations – such as the Honey Rose Latte
  • Tea
  • Affogato and other coffee + ice cream creations
  • Coffee Flights


  • Beautiful interior
  • Many tables to get work done at but can be quite busy on the weekends

What I’m Looking Forward to Ordering Next

  • Their future seasonal creations
  • Affogato

Parking: Parking lot at the bottom. Can get your parking ticket validated at the cashier for 3 hours

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