Little Things #101-109

Happy Little Things Sunday edition!

Story Behind Featured Image (#108): Today the cooler weather hitting in Dallas is reminding me of my favorite time of the year – Christmas time. Every Christmas, the Dallas Arboretum puts on a 12 Days of Christmas special and it’s magical at night!

101. Solving a really long math problem correctly
102. Reading your old journals
103. Hitting the high note
104. Flipping to the right page of a book on the first try
105. When the weather feels just right
106. Collapsing into your bed after a long, tiring day
107. The feeling after a good workout
108. Christmas lights at night
109. When someone holds the door open for you

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  1. Jolene Damoiseaux
    April 2, 2018 / 02:41

    Hi Monica,

    I hope you are doing well!! I’ve loved receiving your Little Things and seeing your Instagram posts 🙂

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    Thanks, Monica!

    Jolene xxx


    • April 8, 2018 / 15:39

      Voted!! Excited for you! This is such a great project you’ve developed!

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