A Guide to Las Vegas Buffets – Get Ready to Eat!

When you think of buffet, you usually think of okay food. I think of growing up with free passes to Golden Corral because of my good grades and Chinese buffets every Saturday, but Las Vegas is redefining the idea of a buffet. The concept is still all you can eat but now imagine creativity and gorgeous, mouth-watering dishes that you would expect to see at a five star restaurant – except now in abundance at your choosing!

Las Vegas is one of the few places in the world where I would recommend trying a buffet before leaving. But I always get questions from people: how do I know which one to choose, especially if I only have time to eat at one?

That’s a hard decision ladies and gents. Even I haven’t been to all the buffets in Vegas regardless of the number of times I’ve been there so I’ve had to consult my cousins to write this specific blog. Keep in mind that there is no right answer to this question. It’s more about picking the right buffet for you. Hence this guide!

Bacchanal at Caesar’s

  • Usually hailed as one of the best buffets in Vegas. This is my personal favorite. It truly did not disappoint. I could have eaten forever there. I think the highlight of this buffet is the endless amount of fresh seafood! I stuffed my face that night with oysters. They also have options such as dim sum, prime rib, lamb, pho, freshly squeezed juice, and a big dessert area.
  • Options: Abundance of fresh seafood (oysters, shrimp, shooters, giant crab legs – not the tiny ones at regular buffets, clams, crawfish), sushi, a big Asian area including dim sum, prime rib, lamb, noodle bar, different Italian dishes, salad bar, freshly squeezed juice, and a big dessert area. Not to mention everything is presented so beautifully.
  • Prices:
    • Weekday Dinner: 54.99
    • Weekend Dinner: 59.99
  • Other meals: weekday and weekend brunch (I have only been to the dinner)

Rio’s Carnival World & Seafood Buffet

  • I’m not sure how worth it this buffet was, especially since it reminded me of any typical buffet but a little bit better. The buffet is definitely large and has several options and is one of the cheaper buffets in Vegas so if you are looking for a good amount of food with options then this might be the place for you! Also, if you are looking for lobster – this is the place to find it.
  • Options: Asian area, pho station, snow crab legs, crawfish, shrimp, prime rib, sushi, salad bar, typical American food, dessert bar
  • Prices:
    • Weekday Dinner: $32.99
    • Weekend Dinner: $34.99
    • Seafood Upgrade: $20 per person – only for dinner. The seafood upgrade contains access to oysters, lobster
    • Unlimited wine and beer for $13 upgrade per person
  • Other meals: Champagne Brunch (I haven’t been)

Wicked Spoon at The Cosmopolitan

  • Wicked Spoon is my second favorite buffet. This buffet is all about creativity and delicious tasting food. Each dish is carefully crafted and my personal favorites were the oxtail pho and poke. I really wanted to like the bone marrow but it was a bit bland. It was so fun, however, trying everything! This buffet also has the best presentation, in my opinion.
  • Options: Pho bar (oxtail pho), Asian dishes packed into cute to-go boxes, bone marrow, American food in the cutest baskets and bowls, barbecue, prime rib, sushi, different Italian dishes crafted in a way that looks like a sampling menu, seafood options (crab legs, shrimp), salad bar, freshly pressed juice, the most extravagant dessert bar in Vegas
  • Prices:
    • Weekday Dinner: $42 for adults / $20 for kids 5-10
    • Weekend Dinner: $49 for adults / $20 for kids 5-10
    • Children < 4: eat for free
    • Bottomless Beverages for $17
  • Other meals: Brunch (I haven’t been)

Paris Le Village at Paris Las Vegas

  • This buffet is unique in that it is divided into the regions of France. Each station has a dish from that specific French area.
  • Options: quiche, truffle mac n cheese, onion soup, turkey, prime rib, leek mashed potatoes, snow crab legs, mussels, and savory/sweet crepes!
  • Price: $25-40 – depending on time and adult or kid
  • Meal Types: Brunch, Dinner

Planet Hollywood Spice Market

  • Cuisines from all over the world. Honestly, this is the place for you if you can’t decide on a cuisine and looking for a cheap price!
  • Options: think of your typical buffet servings for each cuisine around the world
  • Price:
    • Dinner: $25.99 for adults / $18.99 for children
  • Meal Types: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Weekend Brunch

Other Buffet Options (the ones I just haven’t had time to go to)

  • Studio B Buffet inside the M Resort: they have cooking demonstrations on their several TVs. Also a place to find lobster on the weekends.
  • Feast Buffet
  • Bellagio Buffet
  • Sterling Brunch – this is for the fancy. This is the fanciest brunch buffet in Vegas with champagne, caviar, and lobster.
  • Feast Around the World Buffet by Green Valley Ranch Resort
  • Cravings at The Mirage
  • The Buffet at Aria
  • The Buffet at Wynn

The 24 Hour $50 Buffet Deal – Buffet of Buffets

  • This kind of deal is truly for those who want to spend most of the day eating! That sounds like an amazing day for me, but I haven’t gotten the chance to try this yet. My cousins have done this deal and have enjoyed it so here I am recommending it!
  • Like the deal says – good for 24 hours at the following buffets:
    • Bacchanal at Caesar’s *
    • Flavors, The Buffet at Harrah’s Las Vegas
    • Paradise Garden Buffet at Flamingo Las Vegas
    • Spice Market Buffet at Planet Hollywood
    • Le Village Buffet at Paris Las Vegas
    • Rio Carnival World & Seafood Buffet *
  • Prices: $49.99 for total reward members; $59.99 for non-total reward members
  • You can purchase the passes here: https://www.caesars.com/las-vegas/buffet-of-buffets (*unfortunately there is an upgrade to get into the Bacchanal and Rio buffets)

Buffet Tips

  • Avoid long lines with an express pass. The lines for buffets in Vegas are absolutely no joke but I think the wait is not that bad. Some people have stated they waited 2-3 hours (probably in the peak summer time season) but when I was there in January, I probably waited for 1.5 hours
  • Oh! And during peak seasons, they always say you have two hours to eat. I’m not sure how well it is enforced. I would say you can probably get by if you want to eat longer than two hours.
  • Friday means weekend pricing


So, what are your favorite buffets in Vegas? Where should I go try next when I’m back? Comment below!


Happy stuffing your face!



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