Little Things #71-80

Happy Little Things Sunday edition! Hoping this starts your week off to a great start!

Story Behind Featured Image (#73): Being in OB/GYN residency, it is hard to find time to see your co-interns. We never really work on the same teams and the few times we see each other are if we cross paths in L&D or our classroom. Every time we see each other though, our faces look exactly like this! They’re my family for the next four years and I got so lucky getting these girls as my co-rezzies.

71. When other families treat you like a member
72. Realizing it’s Friday
73. When someone is excited to see you
74. Arriving at the bus stop right on time
75. Perfectly separating an Oreo
76. When you catch something that was thrown to you from far away
77. Watching a new episode of your favorite TV show
78. Girl Scout cookies
79. When people take care of you when you’re sick
80. You realize your work place or an event is giving a great lunch

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