Wander Wednesday: London, UK (Curiosity)

This is the start of my Wander Wednesday series (I know I’m getting a belated start with today being the weekend and all haha).

I believe one of the joys in life is travel and the ability to explore different parts of the world and experience different cultures and religion. It really is a blessing to be able to walk on a different soil and experience how life is lived in a different area from your own.

I think there are four main emotions you experience when traveling; one more than others in different parts of the world. Awe. Curiosity. Serenity. Adventure.

I’ll be labeling my series by themes so that you can click on one category if you are need of being inspired or feeling a certain emotion. Each blog will place a location with an emotion theme and delve into why that particular feeling. These pieces are supposed to be short, sweet, and have the ability to transform you to another area in the world.

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Happy traveling everyone!



London is just one of those places you grow up hearing about and one of the first travel destinations people usually hit if it’s their first time venturing out in the world. You learn the country’s history growing up no matter where you received your education; largely because England had its influences in every corner of the globe many centuries ago. You see it in the movies (for me growing up – it was Mary Kate and Ashley’s Winning London) and you read about it in childhood books (for me, definitely, the Harry Potter series), and we dream of seeing The Parliament and Big Ben. You see the influence of the country’s prince and princesses on fashion, politics, and humanitarianism.

My favorite memories: buying roasted nuts in the winter or 99 flakes ice cream in the summer on the streets, running around the London Tube, being on Platform 9 3/4, eating dim sum in Chinatown, learning the country’s rich history on Fat Tire bikes, sampling foods at Borough Market, afternoon tea time on the River Thames.

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What are your favorite memories/things to do and eat in London? Comment below!

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