There are lights strung here and there. Blue cords of lights hugging the trees and casting glowing shadows upon the dewy grass. In the complete usual darkness, they create a source of vision for all those who pass by. They glow and they twinkle. They seem out of a place on campus usually bustling with activity and great minds working and studying. It is like a tiny relief in the midst of a chaotic world.

My hair whips around my face. The cadaver smell is gone. The air smells fresh, unpolluted and the wind is gentle and whispering. The breeze leaves goosebumps and promises of cooler weather. The night is still, only broken by the soft chirps of the nearby crickets.

My mind is empty and unthinking. I breathe and just close my eyes, and underneath my eyelids, I can still see the strings of lights twinkling. The wind continues to swish around me, and I stand still, muscles relaxed.

It’s a moment of rare serenity.

My med school decked out in lights
My med school decked out in lights

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