Sweetly Empty and Open – A Brief Look into Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg, Austria

(Actual Trip Date: November 15, 2010)

A growing peace.

And that’s how it was between my friend and I as we made the last bit of our backpacking journey together, cascading through the mountains toward the country of Austria. Turning back and forth from the deep, wonderful conversation we were having to the snowy scenery outside was more than I can wish from a train ride.

Salzburg is the most beautiful city I have ever been in. My only regret was not being able to see it’s beautiful and gorgeous cathedrals covered and nuzzled in a blanket of snow. Strings of music, so patiently played, danced through the air about us as we walked around with the warm sun shining over our sunglasses and scarves. Salzburg is the city of music and the birthplace of Mozart. It was only expected that music reigned the city and its parks.

Mirabell Garden only required from us a quick walk through, giving us pleasant scenery to gaze at. With the flowers swirling and twirling in ornate patterns that could only represent royalty, the garden was flat and open with its side graced by looming trees, its tops naked and bare. The city streets held many inhabitants walking around, huddled in jackets and peacoats, laughing and munching on snacks. Lights only to be lit at night were strung above us while jolly shop owners waved and beckoned us in. Eating small snacks of seafood and light pieces of Mozart Chocolate, my friend and I laughed and talked, walking around, pointing at the Mozart Birthplace and the long list of different hot chocolates a cafe offered.

The bridges extended over the rivers flowing through, heavy with the traffic of people walking leisurely. The waters, a deep blue hue, extended a chilling aura, running over dotting rocks on the side.

From the top of the city right below Hohensalzburg Castle, we received the most amazing view in the world. Watching the sun beam out and the night sky invite itself in and lanterns gleam lowly, barely lighting the cobblestone hills, we sighed, gazing at the marvelous beauty of the city as we stared from the top. Lights twinkled all around and the distant sounds of a violin permeated the air sweetly. It didn’t matter that we were sitting on damp ground.

We then rounded out the tranquil day with a Mozart concert complemented with a wonderful dinner.

Sometimes it’s not about trying to find the deep meaning. It’s about standing, viewing, and just appreciating with stilled, calm, even waters of emotion and simple, open honesty.


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