My Dear Brother

I remember how we used to fight all the time. Over everything. You would try to injure me and I would try to fight you. We used to play an abundance of imaginary games. We didn’t need game boards or toys. All we had was our rather medium-sized living room and we would be in another world. I remember when we first opened our first Monopoly game, disregarded the actual instructions and made up our own. We still have the game buried in one of our closets…

I remember how we used to watch all those crazy television shows when we were younger. I would be too focused on the screen and then you would snatch up all my logan fruit and eat it all while I wasn’t looking. I got so mad at you for that. I remember the video tapes of us when we were younger. I was the loud little girl who would never shut up and you would be sitting there with wide eyes, running your hands over the Christmas wrapping silently.

I remember how we progressed from laughing over TV shows to stupid YouTube channels and settling in the theatre room at night while our parents were out at their Christmas parties. We would order pizza and chill watching movie after movie. I remember all those fun times where it was appropriate for us to make fun of your food allergies just because we could. Then you scared us all by losing your airway when eating candy full of peanut powder.

I remember when you almost lost your toe to the refrigerator and the gigantic Penguin stuffed animal I gave to you when you were a little boy.

I remember all the long road trips from Texas to California, Texas to Florida, and Texas to Arkansas where we would laugh and whine and laugh again. I remember how you would never smile for pictures and ruin every family photo we had. Now you have such a dazzling smile. I remember how you got locked in the hotel room in Florida. Oh, and remember that summer day when we raced to Walmart and flipped a coin to who would get the read the final Harry Potter book first? What about all those times where we completely failed in making breakfast for mother and father? Let’s not forget all those times when we would film crazy videos with our cousins and make videos of us singing covers to songs that we would then store away into our computers, swearing to each other no one else would hear or see them.

And now you’re several inches taller than me and I feel like the younger sister. Now we never fight. Instead we share lots of great and awkward conversations and play tennis on weekends. Most of the year we’re miles apart now, but that doesn’t stop our communication even though you are quite lazy in replying to my e-mails.

All I have to say now that you’re sixteen is that you have such a great road ahead of you despite what you may think. I truly believe you will find success and great happiness where ever that is. And even though your birthday was yesterday and I am writing this today, it doesn’t matter. We always procrastinate when it comes to each other and gift-giving. Heh.

Although you are now inches taller than me, I’m still proud to have you as my little brother.

I will always have your back and remember you can tell me anything. Remember to always smile at the little gifts given in life and appreciate what’s around.

Happy Birthday Kevin!


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