Natural – Incredible Interlaken, Switzerland

Interlaken, Switzerland

(Actual Trip Date: October 7 – 11, 2010)

Switzerland was breathtakingly different from any other country I had traveled to at that point. Just leaving the train station itself was the beginning of natural beauty. Emerging from the train station, I gaped at the majestic mountains that loomed above me. Cresting over the trains, covered in masses of trees peaking autumn’s colors, the mountains were a hearty welcome. The beauty of the quaint city of Interlaken in vast Switzerland was just beginning.

The weekend really did fly by in a blur in a haze of laughter, pasta cooking, hammocks, Swiss chocolate, weird dorm mates, and delicious fungi pizza. The memories wonderful but the scenery unforgettable.

The water color of Switzerland is my favorite. Of all the places I have been to in Europe with its different bodies of water and varying colors, the Swiss streams and rivers take the prize. Dressed in a gorgeous cerulean blue, the water runs smoothly across flat rocks and moves effortlessly around the jagged ones. The liquid itself is freezing to the touch, frosting over our delicate skin, but it gives a warm ambiance into my body from just standing near it.

The foliage is rich in evergreen, covering vast amounts of land no matter where you turn. The air was so amazingly, richly clean and devoid of any putrid particle because of all the proliferating nature around. The trees were tall, adventurous, treacherous, and daring to grow on steep cliffs and sides of crooked mountains and looming, rolling hills. Autumn had set in comfortably, gifting trees with colors of gold, cinnamon, and crimson. Leaves slowly fell to the ground, reminding all around that winter was coming.

Trummelbach Falls was definitely a worldly site to witness. Trekking through cold caves and wet rocky ground, we softly gasped as we saw rivers of streaming water gush out of holes, creating a loud whooshing sound that struck our souls’ cords.

The sky was so incredibly blue the first day we were there. With the mountains embedded into the azure sky, we felt like we were looking at a backdrop.

Everything in Switzerland was beautiful. The money was richly colored. The chocolate was delightful, and oh, we had plenty of chocolate. Chocolate to last us a lifetime from the Schuh restaurant where we learned to make chocolate balls and sampled many types of the goodness. Thinking we could never touch chocolate again, the next day brought us back wandering to the shop to snack on chocolate cake and later, sticks and slabs of Toblerone and Milka.

I watched daring people soar across the skies, becoming birds, letting air and liberation rush on by.

I could only hope to return and experience the same one day.


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