To You

I write this now, despite the fact that I’m not at all close to being done with my travel blogs, because we are all about to separate and leave back to the states.

I applied for this Maastricht trip expecting many things. I expected to solidify to myself whether or not I wanted to be a physician. I expected great memories, great travels, my passport filling up with stamps, and great friendships to be formed and reinforced. I also expected school stress, the most intense semester of my life, a frenzied pace, and lack of sleep.

What I didn’t expect was travel stress and drama. What I didn’t expect was to be truly awed by the beauty of countries I never imagined myself traveling to. What I didn’t expect was to learn so much about myself and the dynamics of relationship.

And I am so thankful for it all.

Despite anything that might have negatively occurred on this trip, we made it. We survived. We have all grown so much. This really is an experience of a lifetime and one people can take so many lessons from.

I have learned so much from everyone on this trip. I am glad to have had this opportunity to know and grow with everyone. While I wasn’t able to get to know everyone deeply, I look forward to more opportunities to do so. I will see so many of you wandering around the BSB when we’re back. I will share classes with some (RESEARCH DESIGN PARTY!). I will hopefully see many of you in Kenya.

The one-on-one conversations or group dinners and travels with every one has been my pleasure. I would never trade the memories for anything else. I look forward to more back at Baylor! Conversations, dinners, get-togethers. They will be grand.

We have traveled everywhere! The Netherlands, Ireland, United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Poland, Italy, Greece, Croatia, Austria, Czech Republic, Turkey, Morocco, Denmark, Norway, The Vatican, Monte Carlo, and possibly more.

The range of memories we all share. Arriving in giddiness. Attempting to read Godfrey-Smith on the plane to Netherlands. Being moved by Dr. Baker’s and Dr. Abell’s speeches. So many group dinners and travels. The Berlin and Padua group midterm break. Gathering all around in the Padua square together. Complications discussion. Being late to class because of a Belgium train strike. Getting attacked by gypsies. Impersonating gypsies. Seeing each other in different countries. Weekend hallway parties. Stealing mattresses. Roasting marshmallows. Cooking so much. Albert Hein and C1000. End of the year dance party and mexican food in nice clothing. Dr. Abell’s fannypack. Audrey Campbell. Epi. FDA. Patho. CDM. Bioethics skype discussions. No sleep. When Nora changed its name to Amigo. Being awed and amazed and mortified by Charity Hospital and the Plastinarium. Still attempting to understand Godfrey-Smith over the semester. CDM group projects. History of Medicine group projects. Epidemiology group projects. Woah we had a lot of group projects. Costumes. Raps. Songs. Christmas music blasting. Stroopwaffles. Nutella crazy. Harry Potter crazy. Our professors cooking dinner for us. Playing on the teetor-totter. Mysterious cafeteria meat. Being hit on or called ‘hola’ by the cafeteria people despite the fact that you’re Asian. Shopping. Having home cravings and eating at Hard Rock Cafes. Broken dryers. Hugs. Spooning parties. So much more…

Despite the fact that our honeymoon phase is well over and our homesickness grows, we must remember that there will never be a time like this again. When we go back to the states, it will be routine again. No more waking up and hopping on a train and expecting to see new sights. Cherish the surroundings now even though so many of us crave stability.

Some of you are graduating and I wish you all the best of luck. I truly believe every one of us will be successful whether it will be in medicine or another field or combinations of both.

I really doubt Dr. Baker, Dr. Abell, and Audrey are reading this, but if they are, I would like to say thank you so much for everything. You guided us and taught us more than I ever imagined my brain could hold in the span of two months. Not only did you teach us the material well, but you taught us life lessons we could never forget. Most importantly, you have faith in our ability. And that inspires and moves us all.

Some of you have served as my buckets, and I have served as a listening ear for some. I want to say that despite my level of relationship with any one of you, I will always be there at Baylor if any of you needs a helping hand or just an ear to pour your problems to.

The end is near. I’m so excited and terribly sad at the same time.

Thank you to everyone for making this semester my best yet.

Love you all.



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