Immortal – Pit Stop: Guben, Germany

Guben, Germany

(Actual Trip Date: September 18, 2010)

Guben is not a city a tourist would put on his or her checklist. The only reason we were taking a three-hour bus ride there was because we are a group of science geeks, fascinated with the workings of the human body and absolutely gleeful about being able to touch actual human skin, tissue, and organs.

Conclusion? We were going because we were heading toward the Plastinarium or BodyWorlds.

While we were able to take pictures, I am going to respect their wishes and not put any of them online. You’ll just have to imagine what I’m writing about. Needless to say, it was one of the coolest museums I’ve ever been in. Real human bodies and organs plastinated for pure scientific use could only make us pre-med nerds completely fascinated.

There were bodies in different athletic positions, cross-sections of bodies, hearts and the intricacy of their blood vessels, plastinated animals, a brain that underwent a bullet shot, the whole human large intestine, skulls fragmented and pulled apart into sections, pelvic bones, and more. We were even able to witness the plastination and cutting-up of body process the people were working on through the windows. Very, very interesting material. I couldn’t help but get jealous in a good way when I overheard Dr. Baker and Dr. Abell thinking about having a week of class here in their next pre-med semester abroad program. This program just keeps getting better and better!

But hilarious moment of the day?

Having our tour guide tell us to be careful when we turn the corner of a certain exhibit because Americans are usually offended and then turning the corner before blurting out, “oh” and “woah”. What we saw? A plastinated couple in the midst of sex. We all ended up gravitating toward the back to see the mechanics of it while cocking our heads in interest, eyes enlarged, cameras limp in our hands. Only when one person managed to summon the courage to take a picture, then did a chain reaction happen.

Seeing our professors’ reactions to what was in the exhibit was the icing to the cake.


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