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This is a blog out of the ordinary, I suppose. I mean, I document my travels, I write about the little things in life inspiring happiness, and now, I suppose I will write about the things in my education that will continue to inspire me and others (hopefully) forever.

This was the first lesson my professors cemented into our head from day one.

Category A material.

There are two categories in life. Occasionally you’re going to switch back and forth between categories, but sadly most people live in Category B (especially in the more fortunate countries). Category B is where people always expect more than what was given. We want the latest Apple product, those new boots, and more books on our to-read list [ha. that’s probably just me]. But then there’s Category A. This is where people are just thankful for what they have. They don’t ask for more. They’re thankful they have a bed to sleep in, and thankful they’re receiving an education because somewhere around the world, someone doesn’t have a bed. Someone doesn’t have an education. I remember first day of class Dr. Baker and Dr. Abell saying those statements simplistically and then just smiling like it was not a big deal.

This lesson of Category A I’ve always tried to incorporate into my life. As a little girl my parents would make sure I clean every piece of rice off my plate. I should appreciate what I have because my parents were certainly not eating the food I am eating at my age.

Backpacking? Definitely Category A material. It’s why backpacking is a grand adventure, not just for the sites and the memorable photos, but for growing up. You’re never going to have an awesome hostel bed. The overnight trains will be gross and the showers will be atrocious. Our classes will be hard. Limit our sleep. Deal with it.

It’s wonderfully amazing how we’ve all adapted to that one way of life quickly. Now every time we’re not in such an ideal situation, we just smile at one another and say, “Category A” before chuckling.

Soon we’ll be embarking on an adventure to Germany, Italy, and Greece. We’ll be sleeping in a chair with a large backpack on the top deck of a fifteen-hour ferry from Italy to Greece. The experience will be intriguing.

Category A, people. Category A.


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  1. Augusta Daley
    November 9, 2010 / 17:43

    Dear Monica,

    My parents are the same way about food. I have to eat everything on my plate. And because I was raised like this, it bugs me when people don’t eat all the food off their plate. Basically, I’m saying, that we’re similar. Woo! Category A!

    Augusta Daley

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